How to passives at the bottom of a skill tree without having to reset the whole tree:

First just realize that you need 5Xthe number of rows up you are.

You need to keep the number of passive point listed invested in the tree below each “tier” of passives. So if you wanted to change a passive in the first row without removing any from the second row, just make it so you have more than 5 passives invested IE if you have 6 invested in the bottom row you can remove 1. If you had 7 invested in the bottom row then you can remove 2. Now if you points in the 3rd row and say none in the 2nd the same rules apply. The numbers in red are just how many TOTAL point need to be invested in the tree to unlock that “tier” of passives. So for the final row you need 45 passive points invested. These 45 passives can be all in the bottom 3-4 tiers and you would still have access to the top node it does NOT need to be 5 per row just needs to be the total listed.
Will tell you how many passive points you have invested.
To summarize as long as you have more passive points invested in the rows below your HIGHEST “tier” of passives you can reset node until you hit the number in red.


idk if this guide was helpful to anyone

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Yeah that’s nice info. I struggled for a bit too trying to figure out how it worked. I think it’s mostly because were used to talent “trees” and this is really a setup with various talent “pools” and threshold retirements for those pools.

Traditional trees require a tree style buildup, which usually means you need to break that tree down to get back to the base. With this one, its those threshold requirements for each pool. As long as you meet the requirement for that pool, it doesn’t matter what pools you invested in below that one.

Initially I felt that the higher “tiers” of passives didn’t feel much like progression, but I think that’s partially due to me being used to trees, and each path tends to grow in a direction, whereas the pools here (or perhaps tiers is a better word) don’t have the same affiliations, and are based simply one being more powerful passives the higher in tier you go.

Doh, got a bit philosophical there. But I thought it was good info either way.

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