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How to melt 1200+ corruption

Sometimes people ask why I push monoliths.

  • Addictive gameplay.
  • Epic loot.
  • Evaluate the importance of active and passive skills.
  • Enjoy incredible combinations of Echo mods.


Watching this I almost never see your health bar move. Until you’re dead. At 1200+ corruption I’m guessing this is essentially a case of ‘everything one-shots?’

Rare monsters have 3000% of their base damage and HP. And this is only due to one Echo modifier.

I still can’t get enough damage reduction effect to survive more than one, maximum two hits.

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The video is so long that I can’t quickly find what I want to watch…
Can you give an example of what epic loot means?relative to 200-400 corruption, tks


I got 2 keys and 2 exilted items in this video!

Cant watch it the music is too stupid, why cant you make video with normal game sounds … this is terrible.


Hehe, I guess you went full on sarcasm.

As always, the damage is always fine, but defenses aren’t, I’m sure you stacked every broken defensive item and passive and sacrificed any offensive perk to get a defensive instead, is funny you are still one-shotted, two shotted if lucky enough.

There are some fundamental design flaws in how stupid the damage scales and I don’t know why some mods scale so much if you already have the base corruption modifier acting as a global multiplier. This becomes apparent starting at 400+ corruption. Some mods go out of control (increased void/elemental damage anyone). I did some mono suggestion some time ago, I hope they fine-tune the system, this is a blatant tank game.

Thanks for the showcase.

That’s always going to happen sooner or later in an infinitely scaling system though. At some point the damage from trash mobs will be enough to oneshot you regardless of how much defences you have.

There’s a huge disparity between damage done and taken, yes, if the system scales forever there will be a point you will be one-shotted. Look at how rifts work in D3, as boring and flawed as the system is, you both struggle in the damage and defenses department, you have to keep both in check as you scale, as is goes out of your control… Here damage is never the issue.

Looks like you are lvl 20 again with better loot and more skills :D.