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How to Import/Create Lootfilter 2.0 0.8.1g

  • Revamped to clear up misunderstandings with previous guide
  • Goes more in depth with applying more strict rules
  • Covers Conditions
  • Shows step by step how to import
  • Shows step by step examples to set each different rule/condition up

Hi Boardman21
I have a problem with my Lootfilter. I try to make a Filter for me and it works how i want.
But when i kill some mobs, i often have to double click the Z button to hide and show because he dont show all dropped items. When i did it, it works for a short time, after some minutes i have the same problem again . Example: i kill a mob and he drops 2-3 items, when i double click the Z button, sometimes there are 1-2 items more that he dont show befor,include also shards.
Maybe i did something wrong in my filter. I wanna ask if you could look at it.
Test Void.xml (16,5 KB)
Ty very much for your time
If you dont understand what i mean, i try to make a little video tomorrow

Could be a bug, im currently at work and unable to test it ingame. But i can give it a gander in about 12 hours

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Today it seems it work correctly hmm
but maybe you can have a look on it, i tryed to make a filter that shows me only 1 armour(void armour), but when a armour drops with a level of warpath it should be show aswell. ty

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Looked good to me. If you have problems again probly just reopen client

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ok ty