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How to have a productive & an open conversation?

If this is a question which interests you and you wish to pursue questions in your life in a more productive manner with your future interlocutors - I just might have the resource for you!

I feel that this channel would help plenty of good intentioned posters who might be struggling with reaching a consensus or even comprehension in their dialogues both online and in real life, as the most common reason why people disagree is simply the inability to accurately understand the ideas of those who they’re conversing with.
The methodologies and models presented in these videos are very easy to digest and understand for even the layest of men and women.
I most of all suggest the tutorial videos as they’re the most instrumental; although rest of them are no less interesting!

This thread is not limited to simply this channel or Youtube videos - the question in the title or anything regarding rhetoric, philosophy or psychology can be discussed here as well (:
Maybe you have an interesting scenario to dissect?
Maybe you don’t understand someone or some group’s position and would like to know how to approach or deconstruct it?
Should we even want a productive conversation with hosts of opposing ideas even if teleologically it won’t make sense?


“It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it.”

  • Aristotle.

That’s a great quote!

One of the ways how groups of indoctrination lead themselves to success is by dynamizing the idea that in order for the victim of falsehoods to taste the rainbow, the premises have to be accepted before applying scrutiny to it.

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What the fudge did you just say? I know the words, but you’ve put them together in a very odd order…

Sorry, bad habit! I’m glad that you at least asked for a clarification :stuck_out_tongue:

What I meant was that groups of indoctrination often ask you to first accept their magic before questioning it, as otherwise it would be impossible to feel the magic.

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The above was a lot more easily understandable than the word salad below… I’ll even not be pedantic about it.

School is in session, @Llama8, pull up a chair and ‘stay awhile.’ :wink:

Presenting the subject matter in a way that requires the student to be an expert to understand it is not a successful way to teach if you’re aiming at beginners, it’s fine for experts looking to explore nuances though.

I totally agree with you though and I do adjust my modes of vocabulary selection according to who I’m speaking with( this is a compliment).

I was totally kidding. My obtuse tongue in cheek terrible sense of humor fails on numerous occasions. Especially on the interwebs.

Oh, I got it. :wink:

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