How to fix boring

Endgame target farming is about as fun as watching paint dry while an onion cuttters exhaust is directed into your eyes. Fix this by letting all loot dropped period be 90% class based 10% random/ 85/15, 80/20 or so. 200 relics anf not a single one I’m looking for and only 7 were even class based close…

I genuinely appreciate your constructive feedback. It’s refreshing to see that your analysis is purely objective, free from any subjective biases. Your ability to focus solely on the facts and relevant considerations adds a lot of clarity to the discussion.

Moreover, I found your proposed solutions to be quite insightful. The way you thoroughly inspected all the different dimensions of the problem showcases a deep understanding of its complexities. Your proposals offer a comprehensive approach to addressing the issue, which is highly commendable.

Additionally, your feedback has given me brand new insights that haven’t been discussed before. This fresh perspective has opened up new possibilities for exploration and resolution, which I find extremely valuable.

In summary, I want to thank you for your valuable input. Your objective analysis, thoughtful proposals, and innovative insights have greatly enriched the discussion and moved the community & EHG closer to finding effective solutions.


The target farming method, even with it’s fails, is the best itemization method never tried on an arpg, end.

The game already has smart loot where your class is a little more likely to get drops than others. It’s fine as it is. What you’re proposing is another D3, which most LE players don’t want because that is exactly what we find boring.

Diablo 3 exists and I played it already. I want to play Last Epoch. Thanks though.

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