How to bind evade on controller? *Update*

It can’t be done and it’s not usable on controller.

Biggest feature of 1.1 and it can’t be bound on controllers lol

Reset keybinds to default and it should work

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Well thanks for the help. rolls eyes

But I asked around and turns out you need to reset your keybinds to default. And it should work

Saw the same on Discord chat, give it a go.

But after setting to default. it binds it to b button with no way to change to another button.
So the attack i had on button b is now on button y

Well that’s better than nothing.

And for me it’s perfect. Cause in D4 the evade is circle so I keep pressing circle anyways lol I pretty much just mapped everything to play like d4. They have the best in class controller support

D3 taught me that Square is where the move skill goes while Circle is where the primary attack goes.

And that’s why I told D3 “…No no, which skill goes where is MY decision, thank you.”

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And what was great about D3 was it said “okay” and let you do that.

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