How rare are vessels of memory? 80 hours to see first one


I’ve been enjoying the game since I bought it recently for about 80 hours now on the same character. I just ran into my first vessel of memory. How rare are these things? Do I just have awful luck?

Generally all 3 special beacons are pretty rare. (Beacons, Vessel Of Memory and Vessel Of Chaos)

Beacons are a little more common than Vessles, but Vessels are pretty rare.

The chances of encountering all 3 of them increases by:

  • looking in deeper parts of the echo webs (further away from the starting point)
  • having higher corruption

Is there a source for this, or is this an assumption? Corruption only states this in the game guide:

Corruption increases item rarity, experience gained, monster health, monster damage, and how much Timeline Stability each echo gives.
Corruption also increases area level in standard timelines, and increases the rarity of guaranteed echo rewards in empowered timeline

Experience, because of hundreds of hours playtime with the new system

EDIT: Corruption and depth also increase how common “rare” echo rewards are, like Exalted Items and Idols for example.

Definitely true, I was a long way from the centre when I ran into my first Vessel of Memory.

I had 119 corruption when I ran into mine, so it doesn’t have to be that high to trigger one spawning.

Not sure if i expressed my self unclearly.

I think all rewards and special echeos have chance of spawning regardless of depth and corruption.

Only the chances increase with both depth and corruption.

So if you are probably really lucky you can run into some of those in a normal timeline at a very low depth without any corruption.

But both of those factors noticeably impact the chances.
And i mean really noticeable.

I can verify: I’ve gotten all 3 on normal monos with 0 corruption, but it is very rare.

Beacons are “reasonably common” in my experience, I often see several while I’m going directly out from the centre on normal monoliths (with 0 corruption).

I can confirm that. I found my 1st Vessels of Memory in the level 60 Normal Stolen Lance, with 0 corruption.
Took me 250h to find one. My Necromancer farmed empowered Blood, Frost and Death for days, yet it happened on my new spellblade.
MoF state

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