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How rare are ravenous void

how many boss kills on the average it takes to get them i just got gloves drop from that boss and was so happy cuz i thought its ravenous void but apparently that boss can drop different pair of gloves wich are “rare” drop so that killed me inside they are called [Sacrificial Embrace] and i even got 2LP on them so are those both gloves exactly same chane to drop it from this boss?

Very rare. With Orians Eye the rarest item in the game.


why does item database says both are rare then i guess i should not trust that site then

You can trust both LE Tools and Tunklabs. Its just that Dammitt didnt use numbers there. Both are considered RARE as boss drops yes, and i dont know the correct numbers. But im pretty sure they dont have the same drop rate.

Oh which item database you get info from?

Tunklab and Lastepochtools clearly states


Just so you understand there are different level of rare.

“EXTREMELY RARE” means very very very difficult to get.

x3 “very” there

Tunk’s site is preferred I this case since it gives the reroll chance. Whenever a unique is rolled, the ge the rolls again to see if it “keeps” the unique. So for Ravenous Void, it has a 93% chance to not be kept on the reroll.

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