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How often blacksmith in Arena reset his shop?

Hi. I understand is still alpha and the game need a lot work but i already enjoy the game and my first character. Such a fresh experience after several years playing poe.

To the point. I have been playing Arena a lot, farming and crafting gear for Beastmaster. I have noticed shop’s stock sometimes don’t change for many waves. Before wave 50 it seems it change regularly but later it’s not. Leveled up not always change stock as well.
How it works or Arena is bit buggy?

I’ve been playing this game for wayyy too many hours. Glad you’re enjoying it like I am:) Still haven’t quite figured this one out actually. It seems to be a random chance when you change area screens. That’s my best guess for now. However I haven’t really been focusing on that heh. I’ll pay attention to it my next arena play through.

Hey there,

Glad to hear you’ve been enjoying the game!

The contents of the shop will reset after not being opened for ten minutes.

Thanks for replay.

I’m not sure still if sometimes 10 min fly so slow or could be some bug over there.
I was doing 2 times waves over 100 to 220 and stock didn’t reset. I’ll take closer look on this today. I going to push to level 100 with my char so i ll have more date on it. This time no full hd resolution and medium settings but 800x600 res and min setts :wink:

Btw i had couple times new wave UI showed up but Arena spown new mobs and UI was in the middle of the screen. If it happened again i’ll take screenshot.


The contents of the shop will reset after not being opened for ten minutes.

Does it mean if i sell in shop before every wave it ll add 10 min marker again? If so it isn’t to good for me.

I pick up items because is faster and easier to check mods in inventory then on the ground therefore sell them then drop them again. Item names and mods on the ground are to small. I know it ll be loot filter and it ll fix this issue but atm no other way works for me.

Ahhhh no wonder it appeared to be random. Thanks Sarno:) Very useful to know.

Hmm I don’t think thats true about it being faster than checking them on the ground. And trust me gold will basically be infinite:) I only open the shop to check for good mods to craft with or rare mods to shatter. So basically waiting for 10 minutes each time is ideal.

I don’t worry about gold, 1mil in bank. I just got used to play this way, i need to change it seems.

I would love to see pick up shortcut for mats and i wouldn’t bother pick most of items.
I had 20+ uniques already and 2 sets items. Unlucky the same helmet.

If it’s Fractured Crown than it’s a bug. I think it’s just supposed to be unique.

Yes, it’s a bug.

I thought is something wrong with sets, no counter for them like uniques have.

I was going to ask about it but i was worried there are like fishing in poe :smirk:

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