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How much of the Story is in the Alpha implemented right now?

just wondering about upgrading my supporter pack

and is there a coop functionalty at the moment?

There are 3 chapters with introduction of some time traveling elements. You should probably check out the patch 0.6 patch notes to get a sense of the amt of content. Coop wont come until beta.

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would you say its worth to upgrade the support pack in your eyes ?

I think everyone’s mileage varies :slight_smile:

If I were in your shoes though, the following would probably be my considerations:

  1. Am I excited enough with what I am seeing now to try the game immediately?
  2. Can I wait another 2-3 months for the game to get into Beta (which probably also has more content)?
  3. How much do I value $15?
  4. Is what the Devs produced since Kickstarter worth the additional $15 support (you probably need to make some judgement from the patchnotes they have released.)?

I would say among this list of reasons, 3) is probably key. If $15 is like a casual weekend entertainment expenditure for you then I would think no harm giving alpha a go. The devs have produced impressive work in the last 6months or so after kickstarter. But dont sweat it if $15 is not trivial to you. You’re close to getting your hands on the game soon (Devs have delivered throughout alpha while never overpromising so I have some faith they will work hard to deliver beta by Apr this year).


i gonna take a look when i am back form work
thank you a lot :slight_smile:

There is certainly enough content to keep you busy for at minimal a week if you go about recreating characters to try out different passive point allocations to suit specific skill specializations. The arena is a pretty chill environment too to just go on a killing spree while progressively getting better loot to gear your current character or new characters.

On the story side (not much lore content yet) to get through the acts available will take a good chunk of time on the first play through.


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