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How much EHP to aim for 200+arena

hi all,

As the title states what is the recommended ehp to push arena on leaderboards?
i’m lvl 97 with ± 10500 EHP but around 200 ish arena i usually get nuked by something fire related. mostly its those meteor casting osprixes. currently working on getting my endurance treshold higher and hoping to drop a bastion of honour. Any other tips?

Hard to say…

It may be as simple as you havent capped critical avoidance or it could be a combination of factors or even that your EHP is high enough by you dont have a decent regen/leech to counter multiple big hits… or your EHP is poor against DoTs… you dont indicate what mastery class you are using so it will be hard to make a recommendation best suited for the class - i.e. specific classes are better at certain defences than others and its easier to spec accordingly.

If you post your build via Dammit’s Build Planner (Last Epoch Build Planner - you can upload your savegame top left.) then I am sure one of the class “experts” will offer advice…

Just a quick note re Leaderboards… they are messed up and there is a high likelyhood that you might be competing with “less than honourable” entries. I wouldnt aim to “beat” an existing record, but rather just see how far you can get your build…

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Those guys will hit hard regardless.
You basically dont want to get hit by those, regardless of you HP, mainly cuz they will stun you easy and then you are doomed.

EHP is very subjective in arena, some builds that push super high have very low EHP, but can reach almost immunity to damage during short windows of time, some other builds dont have that luxury but are tanky overall.

Bastion will be a huge upgrade defense wise, and will make them doable, as long as you are in its range of the shields passive. Remember to also grab the block effect blessing once you get the shield.

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