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How much content?

How much content is there currently? Leveling time, end game, etc?

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There is about 2-2.5 “acts” worth of content I’d say. The game is broken up into 4 eras I believe and there is 1 full era and a little bit of the 2nd era that is currently playable. I think I got to about level 30 or so through the campaign and then they have an arena mode (current end-game) for you to continue leveling your character. The arena scales to your level and is endless from what I know so you can play it constantly. I would say the alpha pack is worth it, as I purchased it a few weeks ago and I am still having fun trying different characters and builds out. The beta will start sometime at the end of April, so you could hold out for the beta supporter pack also. I’ve probably had more fun playing Last Epoch already than pretty much any other game that’s come out recently.

Nice. Approx how many hrs have you put into last epoch?

For me … maybe a thousand hours. Too much haha. Feel free to ask questions:) I’ve also enjoyed it more than other games. Mainly because the skill tree / passive / and crafting system combined together allows you to be pretty creative when coming up with builds.

Of course improvements can always be made , but I believe they will be in time:)

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