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How much content is included in the Alpha?

Hello Gamers.
Im really Interested in Last Epoch, since i saw a "Lets Play" on Youtube a few hours ago.
Now I wonder how much content is included in the alpha.
Can you tell me something about the game length?
Thank you for the effort :slight_smile:

This is what a dev recently posted in discord when asked the same question:

So far we have the first chapter of the game implemented, which takes ~45 mins to run through, and then there is an endless arena mode that scales, because people wanted to keep playing. Obviously it’s no substitute for more levels.

We have 4 of the 5 base classes, and each has two mastery classes. Passives and skills are very much subject to change still, but each mastery class has passives, and each class has ~10 skills (I believe) and several have full trees of their own so you can tailor the skill to what you like.

Then, we have the core of our item and crafting systems. Items can have 4 affixes (2 suffix, 2 prefix) and each affix has 5 tiers. How crafting works is you shatter items, which breaks them into shards, each representing one tier of an affix. You can craft the shards onto other items to add or upgrade stats, with some risk
And what Critical said :stuck_out_tongue: The demo is pretty outdated (especially for visuals and level design) but a lot of the core ideas are there.

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