How long to complete the campaign?

Now that the game is fully released, how long is it taking experienced players to play through the campaign on new characters?

It took me about 10-12-14 hours on first playthrough, I would say second can be 3x times faster, as you can skip chunks of it with dungeons and you can gear your alt with high tier uniques.

The entire campaign? I would say 4-6 hours.

Only the relevant part (Chapter 1-7, so you have all passives/idols) 3-4 hours.

And we are not talking “speedrunning”, just well praticed routine going though the zones somewhat efficiently.

for me about 8 hours maybe a bit more. i waste a lot of time minmaxing early for no valid reason though. im sure if you prepped first you can do it super fast, one sitting EZ.

With good character build and some speed nodes in it, shift,transplant etc. Skip of map enemies and do only objective i was on my alt max lvl under 10 hours for 100% and i think more experienced players will hit that in 6-7 hours.