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How long does the campaign last ..?

I read that the campaign only lasts 2 hours, it is true, how long the campaign lasts, or how long it will last in the final game.

It depends whether you want to speed run through it with all the gear ready or not. Someone has done some videos of them speed running LE, but I think it took quite a bit longer than 2 hours.

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Hey… Welcome to the forum…

As it stands right now, you could probably comfortably do it in 5 to 10hrs depending on your approach and experience in playing this kind of game… That would be getting from level 1 to around level 50ish.

Speed run in 2h… I am sure someone will do that but why…

There are more chapters to come… the devs just mentioned that 10 to 12 will be coming after 0.8.3 drops… So I’d expect a few more hours for just the campaign still to come…

Obviously you can spend many more hours in the end-games - Arena, Monolith of Fate & the two other, as yet not implemented, end-game content.

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The record is around 1h45, by a player who know the campaign very well and optimized everything.
I usually do it in about 6 to 8 hours, depending on the mistakes I make or the time I may spend crafting.

If the journey is the destination, 2 hours is too short for me. :de: :wink:

Depends what journey you’re taking.

Well, the context seems to me in this case or here and now to be somewhere within Last Epoch.

I was not clear that I should find and release in this forum life-general aphorisms. :slightly_smiling_face:

It takes me usually about 10 hours to complete the campaign. This is doing all quests, but not exploring every nook and cranny.