How is this item lowering my DPS?

Quick question friends.
I recently started a Runemaster and am testing out FrostClaw and Glacier.
I’m only level 27, and know I’ll be getting upgrades soon, but I’m a bit stumped at the DPS calculation of swapping to a new main-hand weapon.
The scepter adds +14 Spell Damage, and +8% increased spell damage.
The wand adds +14 Spell Damage and 33% increased cold damage, 26% crit strike chance.
However, when I equip the wand, my FrostClaw DPS drops from 487 to 392, but my Glacier DPS increases from 3074 up to 3119. Even with FrostClaw’s “Added spell damage burst at 100% effectiveness” modifier, I can’t imaging this item lowering my DPS.

Both skills have the same tags, what am I missing?
Main-hand options

In theory this sounds like FrostClaw is no cold dmg skill ^^. So I checked the tags in the builder and in theory your damage should increase if you use the wand. Then again LE tooltips are the wors crap in tooltip history so you should look at your dmg number while casting on the same enemy type if dmg goes up or down.

Thanks for your research and input on this.
I think I figured out what is going on. It took me awhile, but I went through all of the skill tree and found that I had previously allocated “Glamdring”, which increases spell damage based on added melee damage. Since the scepter implicit adds 21 melee damage, this increased my base spell damage by 7, which I guess outweighed the increased cold damage.

Sounds reasonable :smiley: . There you go problem solved ^^.

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Do you have any equipment on or are you taking any nodes in Runemaster that have an affect 'if using a wand or if using a scepter or if using staff?"

That’s what i was going to ask…

No, he had taken the Glamdring node.