How is the performance of this game for everyone else?

How is the performance of this game for everyone else? I know it’s early access, but it’s dropping down quite a bit and it’s hard to maintain even 60fps.

I’ve got a 8700k and 1080 Ti. Is this about normal or is there something going on with my setup?

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I have almost permanently 60 fps. Sometimes (rarely), I drop to 15-20 fps for several seconds (up to one minute), but most of times it’s stable 60.
I have a i7 with a RTX2060 and 16GB RAM.

Intel i3-9100f , 16Gb RAM, nvidia 1050 Ti. 50-60 fps stable 90% of time. I don’t even bother to look honestly. No lags and I’m happy.

Edit - High Graphic settings, Streamer mode - ON

Serious questions here: why do so many people seem to pay attention to maintaining 60 fps? I’m asking because my rig dont consistently maintain 60fps (when I do check the metrics), but when I am just playing the game; based off my own visual perceptions, I don’t find the game choppy most of the time.

Playing on an AMD Ryzen 9 3900x, 32 GB RAM and GeForce RTX2080 Super on 1440p with 144 / 165 Hz Screens and nvidia G-Sync Support.

Settings on Ultra, Streamer-Mode Off, constantly FPS over 80 - sometimes between 110 and 130.

Poor performance is a huge issue and I hope it will be adressed and improved before launch.

Out of Path of Exile, Grim Dawn, Diablo 3, Wolcen, Torchlight - LE performance is definitely the worst and by a lot too.

Obviously D3 is silky smooth due to that Blizzards polish and optimization. All of their games are - you can play Overwatch on shitty rig and it will run and look good compared to let’s say Battlefield or Warzone.

I will say that it is HEAVILY dependant on the area/type of enemies. There is something seriously wrong with certain mobs/spell effects and tilesets. I suspect it’s something with shaders,illumination or lightning in general. Also the game for sure does not handle rendering many models at the same time. This is obviously visible the most with half of the map chasing you with multiply mobs casting. Some builds easily showcase it as well - for example running with 15 or so Skeleton Mages / Archers - each of their projectiles pierces/forks or whatever and they attack super fast. I can literally hear my fan going crazy while that happens.

Now - PoE performance can and is right now a complete shitshow and always has been a huge issue in the game. Though while I do not condone it - somehow it can be justified with the crazy spells/MTX and mob density in that game and obviously party play and multiplayer involved.

And that is the thing - there is nothing imo that justifies this kind of performance in LE. Maps are not huge and hand crafted and there is no exploration - like in Grim Dawn. Mob density is scarce compared to normal mapping experience of PoE (let’s not even compare to fully juiced up Delirium maps for example). Graphics are ok - I like them personally but let’s not pretend they are of higher fidelity than let’s say Wolcen. And ofcourse as of now - LE does not have multiplayer - I can only dread playing 4xNecromancer summoner build.

I am playing on a decent system that handles all of the above games and can EASILY sustain the target fps. Same goes for modern AAA releases like idk Witcher 3, AC:Valhalla, Death Stranding - obviously these games look amazing and play smoothly.

To me it’s unacceptable to have waaaaay simpler looking game LE (or any aRPG for that matter) yet have worse performance - all of that while playing SOLO.

I also play on 144 HZ monitor and 1440p resolution with G-Sync support.

You might check LE reddit for more opinions and issues that people got. I noticed that here on official forum a lot of people still believe 60 fps in 1080p is what games should strive for and that is the standard. Many folks do not even run any real life time diagnostics to measure/analyze fps during intense gameplay and will just straight up tell you that they ‘‘feel’’ performance is just fine.

I am glad LE devs do check reddit.

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I don’t even have to look. I can just “feel” it.

You want to disable ‘‘Detail Shadows’’ option for sure.

Volumetric Lightning and Screen Space Reflections are notorious for performance issues in every game. Put them on very low [Removed]

You can also put Grass Density on Off if it does not bother you - same for Antaliasing. This always should give you few fps.

Besides that you can tinker with Ambient Conclusion which generally can have significant impact on performance. However this is also one of those options that you will notice immediately and it does make almost any game look better.

And obviously do not try 1440p or higher resolutions. Stick to 1080p and be happy if you get constant 60 (almost guaranteed you will not and it will flactuate between areas).

Having said all of that - I started playing LE last year and it surely did visibly improve in regards to performance. Recent patch included. Every ‘‘older’’ area they revamped or completely replaced had positive performance changes as well.

Also I suspect ‘‘exclusive fulscreen’’ has negative results for most people compared to the normal fulscreen mode. For sure I would like to have option of oldschool fulscreen.

My pc is several years old and low end. I do much better this patch but I am playing on low settings. Major improvement from last summer when I started playing.

Because the maximum temporal resolution of the human eye works out to around 60 hz. So as the fps drops down to and then goes below that cut off the game will start to feel less smooth.

My eyes must be underdeveloped then :stuck_out_tongue:


I run a Ryzen7 and Radeon 5700XT, I’ve played LE for about 4 months now and I have only ever had one issue with framerate and visual performance in all that time, and it did coincide with a patch dropping (though I can’t remember which now). I worked around it by disabling some of the graphics settings, notably shadow detail, and it has never been an issue since.

I am not someone who especially monitors or gets hung up about framerates, all I am bothered about is that the game runs smoothly, looks and feels good for me, and is enjoyable to play. If someone else gets better measurable “performance” than me, but I can’t detect it with the naked eye, I really couldn’t care anyway!

I know everyone is different of course, and we all have differing expectations and results running games. But in answer to the OP’s question, I am happy with the game performance on the whole, though reading some of the comments in this thread, I am wondering if I am just easily pleased :smile:

Stay safe

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Performance could always be better but its not bad considering the game is in EA and the devs have acknowledged that optimisation is ongoing.

I run a 5 year old i5-7500/1060/16gb/SSD and I am able to maintain 60-75 fps with 1080p all settings to lowest possible. Game looks fine and unless I do a known FPS killer action (large mob pull/wipe or screen spammed with skill effects) I am able to enjoy the game without it dropping less than about 45-50 fps for a second or two at the busiest moments. I have learned to recognise those moments and change playstyle to compensate - not really problematic to do. Obviously its also important to limit what your system is doing in background while playing as that can make a huge difference to lag & fps.

The recent patch made about a 10-20fps improvement and the odd lag spikes have reduced in severity & frequency (imho)… based on past experience its obvious the devs are working on optimisation with each patch and for that simple reason I am willing to put up with fps loss knowing it will be improved.

Here I am playing on a MacBook booted with windows using the intel integrated graphics card and running 1-25fps and everything looks pretty smooth unless I run death seal, wandering spirits and AoD at the same time or there’s a gigantic screen wide mob count like in the last ruin mono

Maybe my standards are just low but I find the game playable and without issue the majority of the time, the last patch improved performance a bit

Do you shout “next slide please!” whenever the frame changes?


Only when I torture myself with arena do I wish for more than a frame per second

Rhyzen 3800X - 32GB 1800 - RTX 3090

after the patch i had to remove the Smite Proc Idols of my Shield Throw Pala, because it was unplayable :stuck_out_tongue: but it’s ok atm

if play a while, there are areas like the big boat or the boss Architect Liath
Arena where your fps go down to 10-20 even with very low settings - restarting the game fixes this, or i created a new char and in the first area where you can open your stash my graphis card had 90% gpu usage and 34 fps - restart - all ok

if there is loot on the ground and you hover over the items a bit too fast the fps drops too, 40% - 50 %

i hope this can help a little bit

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