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How is the game "feeling"

Hey guys, so when i purchased an early founder pack last year, I played the game a little bit, and it felt as though the attacks had no weight behind them, didn’t give me the feeling of satisfaction attacking enemies, such as the current ARPGS, just want to know has combat been improved, or will that still come in the beta?

You do realize you can play it right now and see for yourself? And I don’t think that attacks have no weight behind them. It can certainly be improved and probably will, but Tempest for example feels great to play, also some other skills. I get what you mean with attacks feeling weightless from other games, but it’s hard to describe and best experienced by yourself. And luckily you can. :slight_smile:

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A few of our recent patches have introduced several improvements to combat feel, but we’re always working on it. As Colfari said, feel free to try for yourself and let us know what you think!

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Yes just wondering because i dont have the best internet, so downloading the game again on my new computer will have to wait, thanks for the info :slight_smile:

Tbh, I think combat is still not punchy enough. But these are probably combat animation refinements which I would raise more in the beta than at the moment.

I want to strongly emphasize that combat feels great and is very rewarding when you figure out what works well:) Some classes/builds are not very rewarding but there are incredibly satisfying builds currently available. Some even with bad gear! Some require a lot of gear investment to feel great.

The changes in summons in particular are a huge leap forward as far as build strength. You don’t need particularly good gear. Just learn which stats matter and which don’t. This is usually more of a passive style of play though.

Also keep in mind any form of FLAT damage is the best modifier for your build. Regardless of what it is. If you keep that in mind and avoid the really bad builds (ill just say it…spell based/attunement based shamans or dodge based sentinels for example) there’s a wide variety of very satisfying builds to play.

I know what you mean my man. However, when you have enough cast speed or attack speed given the build you’re using. It feels soooo much better.

Or other builds are possible. For example my current top hc ladder build uses highly increased “more damage” mods from meteor. With the drawback of less cast speed. However the rest of my build compensates by being able to tank almost all arena monsters. So I can stand there and layer meteor clouds on top of myself. Huge waves of meteors come down while a 125 mana black hole drops additional meteors of its own. While holding everything in a tiny space of area. Doesn’t get more punchy than that;)

I would like to see changes that increase the build diversity. There’s a number of skills for every class that are just horribly under balanced. A newer player wouldn’t know to avoid them and get turned off by their experience. I’m sure this can be corrected in the future.


The game feels great if you take the time to learn the mechanics and what does and doesn’t work:) Your first play through may not feel the best, but the game feels very rewarding as you start to learn what to do.

I seriously wish I could see some videos of these combat gameplay you’re speaking of to know what I’m missing. Again, I might have felt the way I do because I’m making bad builds (but I still think skills, enemy death animations, etc can be much improved).

Check out some videos of gameplay on youtube. It’s what convinced me to buy a supporter back. Now I’m just waiting for the Beta lol.

I’m not sure I’ve seen anyone upload opie opie builds on the latest alpha… lol. Link me if you know who.

What’s some good software for making videos? I agree that many improvements can be made graphically. That takes time though.

This is a raw unedited video that I made just for you Jerle;) Lmao. But yes that’s basically true.

I’ll make nicer videos that are edited in the future I hope. But I don’t want to spread videos of me too much with my minimum graphic settings.

For everyone else. This does not at all reflect the graphical quality of Last Epoch. I’m playing it at the absolute minimum graphical settings because my pc is old and I’m a try hard looking for max FPS. Just don’t judge the game’s graphics at all based on this video please:) Game play wise I think I make my point. There’s very powerful builds out there!

Going to build myself a new PC in the next month or so just in time for Beta. Sexy videos will follow. Hopefully people will remember me.

Feel free to ask questions about the build used:)

Thanks! Someone in discord recently shared a similar interaction of black hole and the ice skill (not sure what that is xD). Seems like this is the go to broken build now :smiley:

Might give this a try in beta!

That may be true but those people wont be top 5 on ladder lol;) Its glacier by the way. With specs to add ice vertices. Black hole is pretty much great with all aoe skills. My hc build with much much weaker gear was black hole meteor, 4th place hc waves.

Gear is a huge part of my sc build by the way. Not a great league starter.

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