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How I feel about Flame Spires on my Primalist




I’m sorry, I’m not young enough, cool enough or Hipster enough to know what that means. Would it be possible to have a translation into English along with a multi-page discussion on the etymology and wider social meaning please.

PepeHands is a meme of a crying frog with hands raised in despair. It signifies sympathy or sadness.
Though I am certainly not young enough, it is normal to reply to a memepost (my OP) with other memes than with conventional language.

pepe the frog is a cartoon character created by matt furie for his webcomic, boy’s club. in one appearance in the comic, he was accidentally walked in on in the bathroom by another character, who discovered that pepe liked to pee with his pants pulled all the way down. when asked by yet another friend who had heard about this habit, pepe replied “feels good man” with a beatific smile. (see fig. 1) that image would go on to become a popular image macro, or meme, and there would be many variations on it, including a sad pepe saying “feels bad man”.

Fig. 1: the humble beginnings

now the popular video game streaming site,, comes into the picture. pepe was a very popular subject for twitch emotes from very early on, and has spawned several similar emotive frogs known by similar names such as pp, peepo, and pepega. some common variations can be seen in fig. 2.

Fig. 2: the many faces of pepe

it is not exactly clear who first had the idea of giving pepe hands, since none of his incarnations had had them prior, but whatever sainted genius it was produced one of the most iconic and expressive of the pepe emotes: PepeHands

be warned, the raw emotion presented below may be too much for some readers. parental discretion advised.

Fig. 3: the hands of pepe

PepeHands has become a symbol for grieving, sympathy, sadness, and regret. he is truly a frog for our times.


And there goes the language of Shakespeare, Keats, Wordsworth, Carle and Hargreaves, reduced to TLDR, “teh Lolz” and memes.

TLDR for you youngsters:

At least the aliens won’t bother us since it’s clear that there’s no intelligent life here.

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But also for example; the language of Rabbie Burns, and I think we’d be the poorer for the loss of our dialects. Each has such interesting histories preserved in them, as much as a document. The symbology of emoticons and memes are a rich addition, I hope, rather than a loss.

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Darmok And Jalad At Tanagra


Yes! An amazing episode that really had me thinking.

I was being greedy (in a lvl 90 mono with ~50% increased damage, no corruption) & didn’t wait for the cold spire AoE to disappear before running in to get the 1 (One!!) affix shard & the cold DoT chewed through my ~2k ward & 1k hp faster than my Labrador through the postman! That’ll teach me!

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