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How does the Enfeeblement passive in smoke bomb work?

Frailty is an ailment that lasts for 4 seconds on its own. But, putting points in the enfeeblement passive increases the duration of frailty (starting at 1 second up to 4). So, I don’t really understand this. Is the stack of frailty inflicted by smoke bomb different than normal frailty, in that it only lasts for however many points you put into it? Thanks!

It’s only different when you put points into that node. Else every frailty stacks are the same no matter the source. With this increased duration the stacks applied by smokebomb last longer than stacks applied by your weapon (for example). The effects of different stacks add up, but the duration is treated differently.

This mechanic is also present in other skills. For example with the armour shred effectiveness of abyssal echoes, where shred stacks applied solely by this skill get abonus while every other stack applied not by AE has the normal effectiveness.

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Okay, thanks! So with the first point in enfeeblement, its frailty stack will last 5 seconds, up to 8 with all 4 points, correct?

Nope. Putting one point in enfeeblement the frailty debuff lasts for 1 second.
Four points into it, it lasts 4 seconds on an enemy.

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If you apply multiple stacks of frailty by yourself they also last for 4 seconds, but you can stack them up to 3 times. If you active Smoke Bomb with Enfeeblement after applying 3 stacks with a skill that hits enemies, the duration still lasts for 4 seconds.
Just tested it.

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Thanks, Trikster, for clarifying that for us, and for testing it!

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Oh damn. Should’ve looked it up more carefully before giving my answer. Thanks for correcting, Honey!

From the text it’s obvious that the duration is 1 second not an additional second.

It’s a bit misleading though, when you press ALT for more info. The expanded tooltip then has the standard description with 4 seconds duration.

This node isn’t very good then. 1 point is kind of useless. Putting in 4 points to make it a “normal” frailty is a waste of points.

Exactly, which had me asking the question in the first place. Does make the node weak, I agree. I think it should be stacks of frailty applied, not seconds. Or, additional seconds is reasonable, too, especially if each point would give more than 1 second.


Not really no. You only get 1 stack for a duration you can put points into. But almost every bd/mm build can apply max frailty stacks in probably under a second with one single frailty chance suffix on gear.
Most people use it to get the free silver shroud node though.

Which you can also get in the passive tree.

Well thats the point.
You can get 1 silver shroud which provides you 100% chance to dodge the next attack every 10 seconds with the passive. Once you got hit within the 10 second cooldown you can spam smoke bomb to get another free dodge while kiting away.
Its extremely useful in arena and high emp mono.

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