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How does ricochet work?

I am looking to build something that creates a cascate effect. I was thinking of ricochet in shurikens but the effect seems too weak.

If I get ricochet +1 my assumption or expactation would have been that each hitting shuriken will search of another target in range and hit that as well (and then another one if you have +2 ricochets).

Assuming there are 3 enemys A B C, my assumption would have been that it works this way (S1,2,3 are the shuricans).

S1 => A => C => B
S2 => B => A => C
S3 => C => B => A

In essence to have 9 hits with 3 shurikans. But this seems not to be the case. Can someone please elaborate?


As much as I can figure shurikens are limited to being able to hit the same target only once per casting. So it’ll ricochet all 3 if there is 6 targets, but only one if there is 4.

Yeah. I was disappointed about it too x.x

Also holds true for penetrations/orbit shurikens. Use them on the bosses and you’ll see it stop taking damage after the fourth one passes through.

It honestly took all my drive out of attempting to spec shurikens as an offensive move. Instead I just use it for shielding.