How does one become a streamer with audience?

Tried a few times with different games on twitch but most viewers I ever got was 2.

Is there a trick or something?

Take everything I say with a grain fo salt, because I would not consider myself a successful streamer by any capacity. (Also have not actively streamed the last couple of months).

But from the time were I very actively streamed I can say there are three things needed.

  • Time
  • Dedication
  • Choose something, where you just have fun streaming, without the need of reaching good viewer numbers

It took me months to go from 1-2 viewers to maybe 5-10 on avg. And than another years to get more than 10 viewers on a regular basis.

What really helped me grow early on was a planned schedule, always going live at the same day/time and communitcating those times.

You really should not want to start streaming because of big viewer numbers, because with that goal you will get disappointed during the early phase.

Even when you reach new milestones for viewers and maybe get a few streams with 10, 20+ viewers you will still have some days with 1-2 viewers for some period of time.


Hey, this is Dr3ad. I am not too successful but I have over like 3.8k followers on Twitch, and I don’t stream consistently at all. The main reason I grew so quickly was because I was making a lot of YT content and advertising in my videos that I also stream from time to time! So I would make sure to do YT while also doing Twitch, even if its like 1 video a week of a build you happen to be playing. The better your YT videos do, the better your twitch will do as it will drive people to your Twitch much easier than trying to start without YT.

That’s by far the best thing you need to read, is if you want to do then you gotta put in the work.


From what I understand watching videos on the subject it all comes down to three things.

  1. A schedule. Most big streamers and YouTubers say this is more important then you would think. Having a dedicated or close to dedicated schedule though helps during the first year.

  2. Now a days creating YouTube Shorts or Youtube highlights is also a great way too boost views. Shorts, from what I understand, are easy to make through twitch now.

  3. Personality. This is a big one. I have watched streams with 2 people watching and most of the time the streamer is just playing the game. No talking, barely looking at chat, and when they do talk its kind of monotone.

I would love to stream. I believe I have the personality for it and since I work from home I have the time. The problem is I live in small two bedroom apartment with a wife and a 5 year old. So its just off the table sadly.

Hello Dr3ad, I am also a Dread. Also, nice videos.

Hello Dread, I am also a Dr3ad. Also, nice name. <3

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When and if it comes to streaming in general, I would say this in general as one who wants to start streaming. I have no experience doing streaming on Twitch, apart from “trying” it out a couple times.

  1. Make a Schedule and make sure you to a certain amount stick to it.
  2. Do not EXPECT! anything.
  3. Having a nice Hobby you enjoy doing? Then do it, while streaming and just enjoy it for the sake of enjoying it, because of the fact that you actually enjoys it, and just chill.
  4. Do not OVERDO things.

There are more rules but I do believe these things is and can at least be a start of something.
And if you wonder what you should most certainly NOT be doing, you should check out the girl that was streaming, expecting and demanding and ended up in a chair together with Dr Phil.