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How does minion damage reduction work?

Ok, so i ran into a bit of a wierd issue. And some of the numbers did not make sense.
So i tried the burning shade skill with the attach to minions node, and the damage it does to minions does not make sense at all.
For example my volatile zombies were getting hit for 150 damage on the first tick. However my skele golem with 50% fire res was getting hit for 100 damage on the first tick. Now am I misunderstanding resistances? But im fairly certain 50% of 150 is not 100.
I don’t have any other additional sources of damage mitigation or fire res for my minions so I’m wondering why this could happen and if anyone can explain it.

Minions have % damage reduction based on your character level. If you hover over the summoning skill & hold alt it’ll tell you how much that is.

The resistance is a bit odder/might be less straightforward. When mobs damage you/your minions, they have % resist penetration based on area level that caps at 75% at area level 75. I don’t know if that is applied when you damage your minions. I can’t quite get my head round the maths at the moment (& have work to do), but I’m sure someone competent will have a punt later.

Your character is lvl 51 [at least sounds like it without knowing your build and items], right?
→ So, I’ll quote someone first:

"As you level up, each level you gain basically adds 1% additional resistance negation to your enemies. So if at level 1 your enemy does 100 damage, at level 2 it does 101 damage and so one, if you stay with a zero value on said defense, up to level 75 where the enemy basically does 175 if you have 0 defense value. So at the end of the day, if you cap your defense to 75, you don’t reduce said 100 damage by 75%"

So if your skeleton gets 150% fire damage without resistances and this corresponds to 150 damage points at the end of the event, your golem with 50% less fire damage through resistances can definitely come to the mentioned 100 damage points.

It’s just really a… um… for ARPGs rather unusual way of calculating. :slightly_smiling_face:

Ok, so after some testing area level actually seems to reduce your max resistance and not just apply to enemy attacks as pen since yea, i tried changing areas and the damage changed. The issue is that i was not lvl 50 at that point.
Do you happen to know what damage resistance the dummy has? Since the numbers i managed to squeeze out were 225~ on dummy, 142 on zombie and 94 on golem.

But yea, now that i know that higher level areas are gonna absolutely shit on my plan i need to think about how i can solve this since there does not seem to be ways to increase minion resistances.

It doesn’t affect your max resists per se. What happens is:

  • your total resists from gear/passives/etc is calculated,
  • shred is applied,
  • the 75% resist cap is applied
  • mob area level penetration is applied.

So if you’ve got 150% resist from gear/etc & have 20 stacks of shred in a lvl 75+ zone you’d have : 150-40 = 110% resist, capped to 75%. When a mob hits you, it gets 75% pen so the game uses 75-75 = 0% resist when calculating the damage you take. It’s the same for minions.

If you had 80% resist & 20 stacks of shred in a lvl 75+ area, you’d then have : 80-40 = 40% resist (under the cap so you can ignore it). When a mob hits you, the game uses 40-75 = -35% resist & you therefore take 35% more damage than if you had capped resist (after shred).

The dummy has no resist or armour. Mobs have no resist or armour, unless they are one of the mobs that does say it has a resist, or you’ve picked a monolith modifier that gives them all resist. Mobs, however, get % damage reduction (not resists/armour but functionally equivalent) based on area level that scales up to something like 90% at lvl 100.

The Necro has a few passive & possibly skill nodes that give your minions resists.

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I like quadruple checked everything for resistances. Thats why i wanted to ask about the dummy resistance. The numbers i got were on a lvl 40 character.
No resistances for minions on the passive tree.
No resistances for minions on gear.
No shred for fire anywhere either.
And all of those damage numbers are from the first tick of the burning shade.
The only minion resistance i had is from the golems tree, which was at 50%. The test was done in the end time area obviously (because of dummy)

The only thing at this point that could throw off the numbers is if the attached shade deals more damage than the aoe around it, or if the first tick had some insane ignite rate for the dummy but not the minions, but considering it was insanely consistent damage on the first tick, i would assume ignite was a non factor.

Actually screw it imma test this out properly.

Lmao, its even worse than i thought… It SNAPSHOTS!

So summoning a bone golem in a lvl 5 area casting shade on it dealt 70 dmg ticks (1st ticks only)
Then moving to a lvl 40 area the ticks remained 70 dmg (first tick)
Then resummoning him in the same area, and casting burninng shade on him gave me 90 damage ticks again.
Going back to the lvl 5 area (with the high lvl area summoned golem), and casting burning shade on him, kept the high damage 90 dmg ticks.

So yea, at this point i am 100% convinced that at least part of this has to be unintended. The character i was testing it on is still too low lvl to go into shards, and shards might reset the status of the minion, but so far it seems that its resistance stays trough loading screens.

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