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How does increased aspect of the boar effect work?

Topic. Would be quite strong if you can stack 4 ornate idols at 12% on top of aspect of the boar’s 30% for 78% damage reduction. Then again it could be pretty underwhelming if it doesnt stack that way … anybody done some testing on it?

It’s a more multiplier. So if Aspect of the Boar has 30% damage reduction & you have 4x12% increased effect, you’d be getting 30% x 1.48 = 44.4% damage reduction from Aspect of the Boar.


Thanks! I assume all increase aspect work like that then aspect of the lynx for example

Yes. All “increased effectiveness” are treated as a more multiplier for the thing they are affecting.

suggets u check out Tunklabs ehp calculator and play around with the numbers.

This is mine for my Druid/wearbear/earthquake/Charge character.

I have 30% reduced damage from berserker, 30% from Aspect of the Boar and 16% from Nearby enemies. adding 14% to aspect fo the boar adds only 6% damage overall damage reduction. I guess there are diminishing returns on damage reductions of similiar types.

Depending on the rest of a build, something like 6% can barely feel noticeable, or it can feel game-breakingly strong.

The EHP calculator you linked is awesome but it is worth reminding people with less experience that you that EHP is most useful (most accurate) in the big hits/one-shot scenario analysis. You definitely want this information if you are serious about building your tank!

But the next step is to factor in your sustain (regen/leech/ward return etc) and start to understand your TTL (or time to die!) and the size of buffer you need to connect the EHP work you’ve done with the sustain you’ve been building in.

Yes, because they’re all multiplicative not additive.