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How does Ice Thorns on Spriggan Root Wall scale

I want to try making a root wall/ice thorns build and am wondering how it scales. I can see three possibilities so which is correct?

  1. Root wall casts my ice thorns as if I cast it.
  2. Root wall casts its own ice thorns only getting bonuses from the ice thorns specialization and minion damage. Any spell damage increase or added spell damage that I have has no effect.
  3. Root wall casts my ice thorns and is also increased by minion damage.

The ice thorns cast from root wall scales with your damage as if you cast it.

(if specced into ice thorns “thorn shield” node it will cast the ice thorns on you, otherwise it will cast the ice thorns itself)

Though I believe that’s a bug since your minions aren’t supposed to use your skills.

I hope it is, as it would be really good if it could scale with minion spell damage for a Spriggan minion build.