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How Does Fulminating Caw Work?

Very confused by how the “Fulminating Caw” node works in the Storm Crows skill tree. It states that “Your increases to lightning also apply to your storm crows, but at reduced effectiveness” so I read this as any items that increase lightning damage (for instance a staff that does 91% increased lightning damage) would also increase lightning damage, to a lesser degree, for my crows?

Have been testing them by adding and removing this gear from my character and testing their damage on the dummy but it never seems to increase or decrease…just stays consistent. Am I missing something?

The birbs snapshot upon summon. Very likely the other companions do too.

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Do you mean that if they are already summoned they retain the stats at initial summon, despite gear swaps? If that’s the case, I’ll give it a try by re-summoning them. Didn’t think of that.

Yep just tested it out and that was the case. Appreciate the help on that one! Don’t understand why a summon’s damage would not be automatically updated based on equipment but either way, got it working.

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Oh I understand it perfectly well. Coding is hard. Still, its a fix they definitely should have on their todo list.