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How does exalt+unique combine work exactly?

so i droped this wand with 1LP and thought to myself if i could get on it like 150+ spell dmg on it that would be pretty nice wand but how does the combine thing works can it only transfer purple mod from exalt item to unique or any mod? and im guessing i should try get only 1 mod exalt wand so i will guarantee get what i want?

The exalted item has to have 4 affixes. The affixes chosen for the Legendary is random from the 4 affixes on the Exalted item. If you are lucky enough to find a Unique item with 4 LP, you will get all 4 affixes from the Exalted item.

You can’t use the purple wand you show as it only has 3 affixes and no forging potential left to add another affix.

If you do have a 4 affix Exalted wand in your stash and decide to combine it with the Marina’s Lost Soul you have, it will pick 1 random affix from the 4 on the Exalted wand you decide to use.

hmm i see too bad i cant kill the 100 lvl sanctum boss to be able combine items im 100 lvl lich geared alot and i still cant kill the boss i think its becuz of my low life build it sucks for big 1 shots i got 800hp cuz im at 33% hp so anything over 800hp in one shit will kill me

EDIT: The below statement was wrong as corrected by Heavy. My bad!

The level which is mentioned in the dungeon as requirement for combining items is not your character level. The required level of the unique is the important level.
The Unique shown above requires level 78 and thus can be combined already in lower level dungeons.

Even for low health Lich builds, stack as much hp as possible, to increase your “low health pool”.

Also try to conver your entire low health pool with endurance threshold and 60% endurance.

The T4 Dungeon Boss will still be a realy challenge and you need to learn the boss properly.
It’s meant to be difficult and not something you can easily defeat.
Except the void puddles, which will hit you at least once, no other mechanics needs to hit you.

You can evade everything if you learn the mechanics and patterns properly.

That is not true. Uniques with a level requirement of 76 or above need T4 dungeon to craft them into legendries.

Oops. My bad. I thought the level requirement was different on the higher tiers. Thanks for the correction!

No worries, the system is still relatively fresh and people will eventually know it by heart.

Just as a quick recap, for everybdoy that is reading.

The Level restrictions for crafting a Legendary for the different dungeon tiers are:
T1 up to lvl 50
T2 up to lvl 65
T3 up to lvl 75
T4 no restriction

wait what it clearly says that tier 4 dungeon has no level requiment for combining unique items and tier 3 shows that only uniques below 75 lvl can be combined?

so that means i cant combine this wand becuz i simply cant kill tier 4 dungeon boss i just get 1 shoted kinda sadge this is terrible build for this exact boss

Julra, the Dungeon Boss is a very mechanical fight and you basically can do her without getting a lot of damage.
The only unavoidable damage basically is the void puddles, which you will get 1 tick of damage, but those are not really deadly if you move out of them fast enough.

I would recommend praticing the boss on T3, until you have all the mechanics down and can do her without failing any of the mechanics.