How does Doom effect look like on the new Ciphon of Anguish ring?

I just can’t make it out how does its effect look like. Anyone can tell me or better record a short clip? Thanks

It’s like a smirly voidy effect around the bottom half of a target.

It’s clearly visible on the trainings dummy.

Not at my desktop currently, but can post it once I am there, if nobody else posted something until then.

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Ok i got it. Just was hard to see in battle with Anomaly , Devouring Orbs and all that things going on. Another question is its 400 Void damage per 1 sec or for full 4 sec duration?

Also, as I get it Doom damage is scaled by DoT damage increase and %Void Damage? That is all?

The 400 damage is it’s base damage over 4 seconds, like any damaging Ailment.

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It’s an ailment, so it’ll scale with all relevant modifiers from the skill that procs it (such as % damage, % DoT, % Void, whatever attribute, etc).

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