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How do you like Skeleton Archer? Balance ideas

I’ve been toying with just Skeleton Archer build. First of all, if you take both Poison Arrow and Multi-shot, your Archer will only cycle those two skills (it’s a bug). For the time being, just take one.

I feel Archer needs more work. They should really reduce the number of requirement to get All Archer. It takes at least 10 skill points to get rid of Warrior and Mage. That’s just too much. It’s not like Archer is inherently superior. You need a lot of investment in their skills to be effective.

It’s very hard for me to test but I feel Archer can use a lot of boost in Dodge chance to make it more “tanky” than the Mage. I only compare Archer to the Mage because both of them are “Range Pet”.

I feel the skill tree is a bit too complicated. Why can’t we start with 1 Archer, 1 Warrior and 1 Mage? That way we can decide how to mix-and-match them?

If Archer requires heavy investment, then I really they can consider some of these:

  1. Give Archer more survival to start because they drop like flies just like the Mage. Give them more Dodge chance % so an all Archer build can focus on getting more Minion Dodge chance

  2. I feel the Arrows should have a Chance to Pierce. Allow us to improve it. That makes Archery different from Mage. Only one skill can Pierce in Soul Piercer which penalizes cool-down. If regular arrows can pierce, then Archery is immediately different from Mage.

  3. Reduce skill nodes for Poison Arrow. The Poison Arrow route makes Archery better at taking down Single-target. The Multi-shot route is kind of boring because Mage is already good at aoe and their Souls track down enemies. If there is no bug now and you focus on both Poison Arrow and Multi-shot, but you are stuck with only 1-2 Archers. It’s not effective at all. :frowning: Can we condense Archer’s skill nodes? It’s way too spread out IMO. I don’t see the point of Venom Spray node. The Volley node is awesome for single-target but do we really need 5 skill nodes for Poison Arrow? If you condense them, Archer will have more room for survival nodes and health leeching and attack speed.

The Mage route is soooooo easy and effective. AoE, reduce AoE and the rest go into +damage and casting speed.

Blood armor is pretty good at helping keep minions alive, My minions have 8615% life regen.

I sort of like having my poison archers as single target killers, other minions can help deal with aoe. You gotta have it so people do need to make choices to make decisions more meaningful, so I don’t mind having to choose between poison or multi.

Archers do die a bit too often, but I got to wave 239 in arena the first time I played necro. Minions in general are really strong right now.

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