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How do you like Cold skills? How about "Shatter" idea?

I’ve built all Fire and all Lightning mage. Both of them are good in their own ways. I want to compare Lightning vs Cold because with high Shock chance, your Lightning skill can Stun quite often - more often than Cold can Freeze and deal way more damage.

All Cold Nova is fun for aoe damage but single target is VERY lacking. It has some protection but it’s not reliable to stand that close and very weak against boss-type enemies.

Glacier - I tried with Lesser Glacier route by spamming Small and Mid size Glacier. Damage is okay with dot stacking but comparing to what Static Orb can do at long range, it’s pretty lacking.

The biggest problem with Cold in general is that Freeze is not reliable against Boss enemies with higher health. The chance is too low and it doesn’t add any damage. And to get more Freeze, you suffer 15% less damage in Glacier.

I also don’t like the passive Arcane Avalanche. Only Stun chance?? I can barely tell the difference with 180% to stun and 100% Freeze chance from Perma Frost. What Cold lacks is damage!! Make Avalanche something similar to Void Knight’s 2-second delay extra damage “Future Strike”. Make it sound like when Freeze ends, the target suffers great Physical damage because of “Shatter”.

Cold also doesn’t have a Wand?? Why is that? I have only seen Cold Scepter.

What do you think?? Hopefully Ice Barrage is fun!

I tried Glacier more today and then Frozen Orb. Frozen Orb is way more damaging and efficient even though it has cool-down.

I believe Glacier’s mana cost is way too high. Damage is not sustainable at all even with that 1% mana return. And to get to 1% mana return, I have to put 5 ranks into Frozen Grip which does almost nothing useful. Please reduce the 5 ranks requirement and let us rank up mana return.

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