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How do you get the First Travelers badge?

hey guys I was looking around on the forums and quite a few people have this badge. How do you get it?:slight_smile:



I think it was offered to those who posted in these forums when it first started in Jan - Feb this year. I don’t have it too :frowning:

Yep, it was offered for a limited time to the first few who posted here well before KS launched - my first post f.e. was Jan 17th.

We ran a promotion from the 9th of January to the 26th of March where anyone who posted on our forums was awarded the First Travelers badge.

Bummer, late to that game too, at least got in on day one of KS to support the continuing development of this ‘to be awesome’ game, credit Rhykker and EHG for the introduction, well worth! keep up the good work! Now back to Discord lurking…

(Testing forum badges)

lucked out oh wells