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How do Timeless Monolith buffs stack?

I’m talking about the enemy modifiers in the timeless monolith.

Chance to recieve a glancing blow. Example: One buff giving 49% and another giving 51% (I actually have this in my run). Does this simply add, making 100%?

Endurance. Example: One buff gives 30%, another 40%. Would it add, giving monsters 70% endurance, or use the larger number?

Chance to dodge. Do multiples of this mod have any additional effect?

Generally every modifier stacks, but there are hardcaps for modifiers like GB, Dodge and Endurance.
Mobs have the same stat caps than players.
Glancing Blow technically doesn’t have a “cap”, but does not have any further affects after 100%.
Endurance for example does cap at 60%, just like for us players.

Modifiers that have hard caps like the ones you mentioned still give additional %inc. item rarity and experience though, if you stack them above their cap, that’s the reason why all modifiers, that have hard caps give a lot less %inc. Item Rarity and Experience.

Side Note, if you are high enough in corruption, those modifiers, like GB and Endurance scale high enough, that one single modifiers can cap this stat already.

Thank you for the reply, Heavy! So just to be clear, then: Endurance and glancing blow chance do stack, but up to a cap, correct? What about chance to dodge? The game doesn’t actually tell you what % chance is being given, which led me to think having multiple of these mods has no ill effect. Btw, does anyone know what this % chance is, or does it vary by area level?

They all stack. (to their respective cap)

We don’t know what exact %dodge chance the modifier gives to the mobs, but it definitely scales up with distance from the starting point and corruption.

Depending on the corruption and distance from the center I would assume it’s something like 10-30% per modifier.

I am pretty sure @Tunk has a more accurate guess.
I usually play a lot of hit/crit builds and avoid that modifier anyway or play timelines, the dodge modifiers does not even is present in. So I do not have a lot of experience with it.

But when you stack multiple dodge modifiers it’s definitely noticeable, that they become hilariously tanky agaisnt hits.

Thanks so much for your in-depth answer! It’s hard to notice with if the dodge stacks for me cause I’ve been playing a flurry bleed build.