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How do I summon a Wolf and a Scorpion?

So on the tooltip for both the Wolf and the Scorpion, it says “The Wolf/Scorpion counts as a companion. You can have 2 companions at once by default.” Okay, that tells me I can summon both a Wolf and a Scorpion at once. But when I try to do that, they just replace each other. If I have my Wolf out and try to summon a Scorpion, it just replaces it, the Wolf gets dismissed. Same thing with the Scorpion.

Furthermore, I took “Pack Hunters” in the Wolf tree which allows me ANOTHER companion, AND the passive Force of Nature in the Beastmaster tree which allows me a 4th companion. I still can’t summon both a Wolf and a Scorpion at the same time.

I tried googling it which yielded nothing. So I’m wondering if it’s a bug. Or am I missing something here?

Do you also have a node or item which restricts you to a single companion?


…god dammit lol I didn’t realize anything like that could be in the game. So I searched “companion” in the Beastmaster tree and saw I have Artor’s Loyalty which does make me have only 1 companion. Stupid mistake. Thanks!

At least you didn’t post this as a bug report (has happened before).

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