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How do I log in and play alpha

How do I log on and play alpha

Go to your account page. On the dashboard, it’ll have a big ‘ol’ button to download the launcher. Let it update, log in with your account, and voila!

@KANEABEL77 Hey there,

Alpha access is included in some of our supporter packs.

@Cygnus Thanks for the guide!

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I supported the game on Kickstarter and played the pre-Alpha. But I’m not able to download the Alpha-Version. My Dashboard is empty. What happend? Why can’t I download the Alpha-Version? Do I have to pay again? O_o

Should be links for download in email and on dash board as well. Mail support if don’t have it.

We’ve responded to your e-mail about this now.

The Traveler supporter pack from Kickstarter only includes the finished version of the game, which is set to be released in April 2020. If you’d like to upgrade to have Alpha access (the current state of the game) or Beta access (which starts in April 2019), please email

Sorry about the confusion!

Thank you both for your answers. Sorry I didn’t notice that the Traveler supporter pack is only for the finished version of the game. :sweat_smile:

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