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How do I get my Kickstarter Elder pledge game?

Pledged at the Elder level, no game in my account, support page not working…

Hi there!

Thanks so much for joining us on Kickstarter.

Our support site can presently be found at, however it will be moving to in the very near future.

To help me look into this for you, could you please tell me;

  • When did you first register your Last Epoch account?
  • Have you submitted the Kickstarter Reward Survey?
    • If so, when did you send that to us?

I don’t know the date for my Epoch account, but it would have been when it was first available to register, was under [Removed —Sarno] – changed to [Removed —Sarno]. Account name is R3fr4ct0R

Survey was Responded on Jun 5 2018