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How do Frozen Eyes of Formorus actually work?

The item gives Freeze Rate and Minion Freeze Rate per stack of chill.
I’m a bit confused now as it doesn’t state what needs to be chilled for the Freeze Rate to apply. Is it my character and my minions or is it the enemy that needs to have chill stacks?

Good question. I’ve always assumed that the chill needed to be on the target but it could just as easily be chill stacks on the minion/player.

It’s basically increased freeze rate against targets that are affected by chill.

A fixed amount per stack of chill on the target, since chill has a cap of 3, you can see it is pretty strong but still capped.

Same mechanic is on the Unique Oceareon Ring (just also for minions)

It’s also explained in the advanced tooltip (if you press and hold alt)



Thanks for the clarification!