How do debuff work for minions and do minions inherit certain item effects?


If I apply a debuff, do my minions also benefit from it?
Just to give you an example: if I apply critical vulnerability with Void Cleave (through the Rift Maker node), does my Manifest Armor benefit from it (aka does the enemy have lower crit vulnerability if minions attack it)?

Also, closely related to this subject: how do certain item effects interact with Manifest Armor?
For example: The Last Laugh has a flat crit chance if you have a certain amount of dodge, overkill leech and a culling effect when the enemy hit is below a certain HP threshold. Does the minion benefit from these effects? Or does it inherit only the stats?

Thank you!

Kinda, some terms are a little off but basically, yes.

It’s less that your minions are benefitting from it and rather that the enemy is hurting from it. If you apply Critical Vulnerability to an enemy, anything that attacks that enemy, including other party members and their minions, will critically strike more often because it has higher crit vulnerability.

What Manifest Armor inherits is inconsistent so you can’t know for certain without testing but try to think of it like the minion is wielding the weapon itself. Your dodge would not matter for what stats Manifest Armor gets but rather the Manifest Armor’s dodge is what matters. I’m also not actually sure if that mod in particular will work or not. I feel like it should but I could be wrong.

Thank you for the quick reply.

After a couple of tests I discovered that Manifest Armor does benefit from the culling effect. I tested it on the wounded dragon boss fight.

It depends on the unique affix, some are inherited, others aren’t.

Hey Mike,
Will this be fixed with the upcoming patch? Like having a consistent rule set that says “All effects apply to MA”? Is it an oversight that some effects do not apply? Or is it intended as you think that some effects should not apply since they are too strong?

It’s almost always a problem in the implementation that prevents it from working. About 2 years ago we changed how unique items apply their unique properties. This led to most of the new ones working much better with Manifest Armor but some are still just incompatible. Most of the old ones were converted to use the new system but some still use the old style.

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This is what stops me from doing an MA build. I just do not want to have to remember which work/don’t it is kind of frustrating.

I agree that it should be more obvious as to what works and what doesnt for MA but its not that hard to test and from my observations, most things that you think would work from a logical perspective, do. e.g. on weapons, crit chance, bleed, flat /increased damage, health leech etc. on boots, move speed, resistances, on armour health etc. From what I can see, its only really the attributes (str/vit etc) that have no effect but I havent tested that to be 100% sure. and I am sure that there are some obscure affixes on uniques that probably wouldnt work either, but again, its not hard to test.

I think he’s asking about the unique affixes, not the normal affixes or implicits.

my issue is that I suffer from human memory leaks and insufficient data storage. Even if I tested it I will mostly like to have one or both of the prior conditions become an antecedent variable to any test.


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