How do curses work?

There is no game guide section on curses, sadly. Can I stack multiple instances of the same curse on an enemy? Specifically, Spirit Plague. Does repeatedly casting in on the same enemy do anything? If not, I’ve been using it all wrong, lol. Thank you!

The only purpose stacking multiple Spirit Plagues on the same enemy is raising the stacks of the buff that gives you more global damage over time. It does not stack the damage done by Spirit Plague.

Hungering Souls works the same way, you only need to cast it once unless you want to stack the “global damage over time” buff that’s in the Hungering Souls tree.

You can stack multiple different curses (Bone Curse, Spirit Plague, Mark for Death) but subsequent applications of each will only reset the duration on the target (in addition to Tree’s comments re global bonuses from the skill trees).

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There are also a few nodes within Spirit Plague’s Skill Tree, that apply certain ailments on application, those effects also apply if you reapply the curse together with the duration resetting.

Generally curses don’t stack, but you can apply any number of curses to enemies.

Thanks for all the great replies, guys!

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