How can you get alot of corruption?

So i just unlocked empowered monoliths but the corruption nodes still only give me like 5-8 corruption how do you get them to give alot more from a single node? am i really suppose to be farming by that small ammounts in each timeline it will take me months to get like 200-300 corruption in each timeline

The further you get away from the starting point, the more corruption a Shade Of Orobyss Node will give you.

I would say +15 is the highest one you can relatively easily reach without running into to many dead ends.

But you can get as high as 20/21 if you very lucky.

But sometimes hunting for those very high shades might not be worth the de-tours or effort of going sideways in the echo web for too long.

As soon as you pushed one to higher corruption you get bonus corruption in other monoliths. When I ahd 500 in one and switched to a new one a +14 shade gave around +150 bonus corruption as well. You will have catched up after ~3 +12/14/16 shades.

Meaning → Push one fast and the others later.

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