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How can I verify I have my Ardent Gladiator pack?


I was gifted a copy of Last Epoch on Steam and I am trying to figure out how to redeem my Ardent Gladiator pack as I do not seem to be able to access the pet in game. I followed the steps in the following link but have not noticed any difference. I have noticed that people have their badges displayed on their forum posts so I am hoping that I will see mine there as well. Any information you can provide is greatly appreciated.

EDIT: Immediately after posting I do see my Ardent Gladiator badge on the forums so the only issue is that I do not have access to the pet in game and am not sure what I need to do to see my cosmetic points.

You badge is here :slight_smile:

Pets are currently disabled due to them being tied to some backend update (including chat/ladder) that hasn’t been activated yet I believe (which should happen sometime this weekend).

Ok, so seeing the badge on the forums is basically the only verification I have that I’ve set things up properly?


Give it this weekend to see you pet in game by pressing ‘K’. Cosmetic shop (and points) aren’t implemented yet.

Ok perfect! Thanks for the quick response.

Well then I’m gonna comment here too to check if I have a badge as well :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
The link to steam account page doesn’t seem to work so I probably won’t have one

I bought LE on steam a while ago. not sure if my LE and Steam accounts are linked but I don’t seem to have the Ardent Pet in-game although I bought the game on steam.

Any advise?