How can I find some quests location?

For instance, this one. I need to find those caves, and it´s supposed to be near last refuge, but I do the entire “Last Refuge outskirts” and I can’t find anything there.

Any tip?:


This is the only thing I find after “Last Refuge outskirts” level:


“Last Refuge” is not the same place as “Lesser Refuge”. You ask for tips rather than the whole answer, so I’ll just say this: as the quest says, try exploring the surface world for other places where humanity has survived… :smiley:

mmmmmmmmmm ok. But it could give at least a hint or something like that xD thanks!

I’ve already given one hint. But if you need another… :slight_smile:


Try exploring the Wasteland area and go all the way to the end of that side path

It´s ok :slight_smile: I’ll try haha. thanks!

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I’m guessing that better sidequest tracking will be added in the future. Can’t wait for it, personally!

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