How can I financially support Last Epoch right now?

Hey guys,

Sorry if I havent researched enough to answer this myself.

How can I financially support the game right now? I know an in game shop will come for this game, but what about right now? I thought there was any kind of supporter packs “back in the day”. Its not because I would invest a lot of money, but I like to buy mtx or such to support the games I really like.

Thank you guys.


Both the new batch of supporter packs and the MTX Shop were planned to arrive soon after 0.9 release.

So I would expect them to come within the next few weeks or maybe a month.

Maybe they don’t make it between 0.9 and 9.1 and we need to wait for 9.1

But besides that there is nothing else available.

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You can do what I’ve done: Gift your friends copies through Steam and build a community.


As Gwacho above me suggested, you can gift the game to your friends, or offer to purchase the game to players that might be interested.

I think Last Epoch is currently getting a lot of positive attention, but more players are always a plus for the devs.

Also, you could drop a positive review on Steam.