How can I adapt with the dive bomb nerf as a shadow dagger falconer?

It’s my first lvl 100 char and I had a lot of fun with this build. Took me a good while to get all the ward on shadow creation gears set up. Also spent a whole day helping my friend setting up his shadow dagger build. Now it seems that it’s all for nothing.

With the nerf, the bosses become significantly more difficult and I don’t think my build can handle it without the ward from smoke bomb. I understand this is a bug and it needs fixing for the sake of server stability but it sucks that I will need to rebuild my character to make it work again.

So my questions are - how do I replace the defense layer from smoke bomb? Should I build health or go low life builds? Tbh I don’t want to play a non-ward build since I know how strong ward is these days. Or maybe time to play a different mastery.

They shitted on Falconers and let Warlocks slide. It’s Mastercism.

Maybe lower your corruption to a more reasonable level as intended?

They could/should have just made it so Smoke Bombs don’t work in the home Echo area and it would all be fine, but instead they just fucking gut the entire defensive capabilities of the entire spec. I thought these Devs would be better than this but I guess not.

Agree. EHG isn’t concerned with all the issues of Dive Bomb not registering hits or Warlocks making 100k ward but got dammit we can’t be letting Falconers make 2.5k ward consistently.

Really says something when one top Arena Falconer guys decides to make a Warlock and takes the #1 spot.