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How are you guys doing managing mana?

So Steam says I have 5 hours played of this game and I got about a level ~33 Acolyte/Necromancer. Just finished the Dreadnaught level. Died maybe 5 or 6 times, maybe 7 ;).

This game has been a lot of fun so far, but I don’t think in any situation, no matter how difficult it got, did I ever go below 50% of my mana pool. It regenerates so fast and I don’t believe I have any mana promoting items equipped. Makes me wonder why this game even has mana cost if you never have to worry about managing it, either making more intelligent use of it or popping mana potions which don’t seem to be in the game.

Anyone else with similar feelings or even a complete opposite scenario in their playthrus?

Sorcerer, meteor, teleport, blackhole all use a lot of mana, and am running out, but have fireball in case to spam. Depends what class / special you play I guess.

l0l n0, my Erasing Strike eats ~180 mana / sec

I assume you play a pet build? Those are really light on the mana cost.
Characters that use direct combat spells to get mana problems if they’re not careful. I myself sacrificed an amulet mod slot just for the 10% mana efficiency (aka reduced mana cost) on my druid.
Especially in later levels, when fights get longer, you do need to manage your mana :slight_smile:

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