How are build guides verifying their dps?

I see a bunch of guides that claim 5M, 10M and 20M dps. I assume M means million. Then they show the build hitting the dummy with a ton of numbers flying by. It seems like those numbers are a lot more than once a second and they seem to overlap as well. When I try it with warpath I think I am seeing hits from each echo, and when I stop spinning I see a bunch of time rot hits continue for a while. When I am spinning with overlapping echos I see most of the tooltip numbers “seem” to be 10K. Does that mean that is what my dps is? I don’t see a setting in the game to show the actual DPS anywhere. I assume the tooltip on the skill itself can’t factor in all the dots, echos, etc? Mine happens to say 20,000 dps on the warpath skill.

I am a very undergeared level level 93 voidknight so I would not expect a lot, but it would be nice to understand how changes impact my applied dps.


Yeah. The guide creators hit the dummy and try to count everything together. It’s just a rough estimation and nobody can say for sure what damage a build is capable of exactly.

There’s also many mistakes people make with this. I’ve seen it several times that people mean their actual hit damage. Like when they hit the dummy for 250k with Void Cleave they talk about having 250k DPS, not taking attack speed and cooldown into account.

Also DoT builds are often described with 2M DPS when the tick in the dummy shows 2M damage. But since the ticks are shown every 0.5 seconds this is also not right.

Skill DPS is not correct either.

Everybody is just throwing numbers around :grin:


I think completed (or target) corruption level is a much better measurement for how well something performs rather than measuring build performance on a static defenseless dummy. The dummy is good for answering the question if an item perform as advertised and improve your damage, cooldowns, buffs/debuffs, or rotation.

In theory the Koenigsegg Jesko can reach 310mph (test dummy) but the Bugatti Veyron Super Sport has gone out into the real world and holds the record. Design is one thing, performance is everything.

Yes, but that also depends on what modifiers you take in the mono. At least the dummy is a static thing with no other variables.

Agreed and it’s a useful learning tool. Experimentation with and gear changes is a fun mini-game.

Personally if I ever throw a dps number around it’s because I’ve done out the math by hand to compute it.

Mr. Spread Sheet’s understatement of the year. :smiley: If you haven’t seen some of those print outs, it’s awe inspiring.

Nah, it’s just basic spreadsheetery, and I don’t meant hate in an insulting way, a dps calc shouldn’t need much, certainly not anything “awe inspiring”. As an accountant.

I’m not an accountant.

I do use the database functions but that’s as far as I go.

DPS is meaningless in this game for a few reasons

  1. Bosses have variable damage reduction

  2. You dont know the bosses HP

I frequently get annoyed when people proclaim their DPS lies such as ‘10m’ etc because almost always its not correct

In PoE we have this awful tool called PoB that tells you everything including ‘DPS’ etc but your DPS is basically ‘your time to kill / the time it took for to die’ nothing else matters but everyone uses this tool as gospel and its usually wrong as it proclaims your pure maximum DPS under perfect conditions

Theres a boss in PoE called Minotaur who has 34 million hp base, when you engage him most of the time he burrows underground and attacks you, when he emerges you can burst him down under optimal conditions.

This boss is the best way to test your DPS which is basically time to kill / his hp

If you take 8 seconds to remove his 34m HP your DPS was 4.25m in that fight cant really argue that

In LE if a boss has say 200k HP and you killed the boss in 45 seconds you had 4444 DPS

bro, its clickbait, nobody can check this numbers, coz there is no any kind of tool for DPS checking. soooo no matter what number you write on your video or forum theme - if it higher - would be more visitors

looks weird, no? it matter what dps you have, even when you don’t know how many HP have boss
if boss have 100k hp, and you havet 5 k dps - u need 20 second to kill him, if you have 20k dps - you need 5 sec to kill him. weird vision that dps doesnt matter because you dont know his hp

I agree with Shrukn. Imo people focus too much on dps numbers these days. I personally prefer QoL over Dmg at the end. And if a build can already do all content, why even focus on doing more dmg? I personally dont care if i beat Julra in 10 seconds or in 2 minutes tbh.
Also showing dummy dps is the worst way to represent a build, perfect examples are ailment builds. In Arena/high corruption you cant facetank an enemy for 10 seconds to bring the maximum dps up, you always need to keep moving and applying small stacks of dmg to stay save. Showcasing gameplay footage imo makes more sense rather than beating up the dummy :slight_smile:

I generally agree with the concept of what you’re doing, but killing a boss in 10s significantly reduces the opportunities for you to #### up & die. If you’re good at executing the mechanics then while you may be unlikely to die in that 2 minutes, you’ll be able to do more runs (of whatever it is you want to do) if your build is capable of doing it in 10s than 2 mins.

Dummy DPS is incredibly artificial but it’s a standard candle that can allow one to compare builds (or the damage output at least), even if that comparison is deeply flawed.


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You are right, beating mechanically difficult bosses quicker also makes survivabilty better during fights. That’s why i love PoE’s 20% Slayer cull so much on bosses since most of the time during the last phase bosses get alot more difficult :slight_smile:
But for LE i think bosses have a good design, so by learning all of their mechanics and actually interacting with them during a longer fight is quite fun.

This is something i usually dont care about in LE or in general i dislike. Its this new competitive/efficient thinking of the arpg playerbase how you should play an arpg.
Currently there is no economy, no competition (well arena, but cheaters…) so why even bothering to kill Julra as often as possible within one hour. I absolutely enjoy the SSF aspect and character progression in LE.

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Maybe you’re hunting for a particular unique. More attempts in a given time period = more throws of the dice = more likely to get it (which is the entire basis of the efficiency mindset.

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