Hot keys and their display

First, I want to thank the developers for the great game. Despite the early stage of development and testing, it is LE that I really like, unlike the well-known GrimDown, PoE, and other analogues of the ARPG genre. I want to return to your game - this is the main thing! The atmosphere and gameplay for me is just as great.
Secondly, I apologize for my English, this is not my native language.

Now, as for my proposal. Very lack of letters of hotkeys in the main menu during the game. It would be very convenient not to climb every time in the option to remember all hot keys, but to immediately see them in the general menu to the right of the item. For example brackets and inside the letter of the hot key. In the screenshot I circled what I mean. Thank!

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Thanks for the feedback!

These individual menu entries already have keybinds.

Here’s the current defaults;

  • Main Menu - Esc
  • Settings - O
  • Ladder - L
  • Crafting - F
  • Map - M
  • Quests - J
  • Passives - P
  • Skills - S
  • Inventory - I
  • Character - C
  • Cosmetics - K
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Hmm. Not sure if you might have missed his point based on your reply.

I don’t think he was saying there wasn’t a keybind for the menus. Rather, it’s not easy to remember them and he’s suggesting indicating the keybind shortcuts where he circled so we don’t need to keep going into the keybind menu to check them.

I agree with this.


I just mash all the keys until the window I want pops up.

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