Hoping to figure out how I obliterated this boss in 2 seconds

So I was facing that one architect lady that you fight right before you get to Lagon and I completely destroyed her in like 2 seconds. She didn’t even get a chance to teleport.

I was hoping someone here might be able to figure out how my build let me do this so easily because it actually took me longer to fight the random elite enemies earlier than to kill her and I thought this might be something worth looking into.

I suspect I might have used my skills in a certain order which synchronized or maximized my damage output somehow.

Here’s the skills I have setup:

Acid Flask

Smoke Bomb

Synchronized Strike

Shuriken - (My main attack ability)

Character Sheet

Any ideas? My leading theory is that I applied a ton of armor shred somehow.

EDIT: Forgot to put my passives, that might be relevent.

Rogue Passives

Bladedancer Passives

TL;DR You got lucky with some passives/skill passives, and probably prepped properly with shadows/shift w/ Braskula’s.

You did not post your Shift tree, but assuming you have taken Braskula’s Hesitation, these are the steps I believe happened (in some order):

  1. Shifted for damage on next ability proc
  2. Created max number of shadows w/ sync strike, shift and/or smoke bomb
  3. Used shuriken and procced every skill passive increasing damage based on RNG

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