Hopes/Ideas for the future

Hi everyone,

I’m somewhat new to the beta, having only played maybe ~15 hours. But the first thing I noticed was that the loot isn’t as “flexible” as other games. Maybe i’m still too early into the game, and if so please let me know.

So with that, I have some questions:

  1. Is it possible to have different ranges of affixes depending on the rarity?
  • as an example, magic amulets in D2 can roll +3 to a particular skill, which isn’t possible on rares. It makes it worth picking up “blue” items due to the long shot chance that you hit something like +3 to lightning mastery AND +10% faster cast rate.
  1. Are we going to see items that have the possibility of 6 affixes?
  • Having items that have the ability to roll 6 affixes opens up a lot of possibilities. I’d like some serious end game loot to shoot for. Or if not 6, maybe 5. Just something for the end game. Something beyond rares and uniques.
  1. Treasure classes. People often overlook this aspect of D2 because they don’t quite understand it. In essence, it means only certain monsters are capable of dropping the highest tier loot. This adds an additional challenge/reward to the endless grind and provides motivation for farming tougher bosses. For example, Tyrael’s might can only drop from certain level mobs, and even then it’s an astronomically low chance. I realize this turns some people away from the genre, but for me it makes it that much more addictive. I don’t want the best items in the game to drop from just anywhere, and I frankly I don’t want perfectly balanced loot tables. What gives these types of games legs in the build diversity and chase items.

  2. Orb of corruption / vaal orbs. This is relatively new to me (POE/POD), but it also opens up a ton of build diversity. A mediocre item can sometimes become build defining if it hits the right “corruption”. Any chance we will see something like this?

  3. Gems/runes. I would like the see the ability to socket an item. Again, this is all about build and gear diversity. Diablo 2 and Grim Dawn do this very well. Diablo 3, not so much.

All that said, so far I’m really enjoying the game. The idols immediately struck a note with me, as well as the customization of skills. I realize this is a small dev team and I truly don’t expect to see all of this in the finished product, but as a supporter I wanted to throw in my $.02.


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