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Hope for shaman

I hope for the shaman that they will add a spell similar to the lighting strike a beautiful powerful lightning that falls from the sky, and not those dumps that there are now that do not give satisfaction


yeah something like that would be cool. I would love to see other skills on Shaman… maybe also melee skills. Maybe it’s a little bit overtunded :smiley:

Possible Skill: 4 seconds Cooldown
Molten Hands: slam your weapon to the ground and create a wave that travels forward and let molten projectiles comes out of the ground. Hits also creates a small Molten Ground area. Last for 2 Seconds - Tick 0,8 seconds.

It’s just an idea - so please don’t judge me too hard :smiley:

I think that there is a program with the lava, because if you go to the creation of a character and go to the primalist, and see shaman after avalance there is an icon with lava,
I was hoping instead for something more tied to the storm, so a good ability to download with a nice thundering lightning

I would love to see more lightning skills. Additional to the skill tree of frenzy totem a kind of “Quasar” would be nice which u can skill for singletarget with 1 Beam or Multitarget with 5 Beams or so…
Lightning Totem as AoE attack and Thorn Totem for additional Debuffs.
Swipe can be Melee Attack for more Buff/Debuffs, gain ward or whatever…

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for the moment I ride with the tornado build, storm totems, avalances, two storm wolves, and the jump that causes lightning to fall, I must admit that the only active spell you use is avalance and it is very predictable both because you are stationary and because it is very random, I hope in a trait that you choose the position and makes it and gives you a cd on the spell, but in any case the shaman does nothing chaste the tornadoes put the totems and jumps while the wolves hurry up, don’t talk to me about the totem that shoot the thorns that have nothing to do with the storm

Thats the way i m playing atm ( sorry for sound quality will get this better)
For me i dont want a wolf, neither a second compagnion in my shaman build. There is a beastmaster and a druid to play with them…
Also its normal to have skills for CC and survivability. For this thorn totem can be an option. Of course there are other as well.
So i see a possible totem build coming up and i hope we get some improvements here.

I like the general idea of lightning wolves, I only hope that the visuals get updated later so that the entire wolf is lightning, not just some sparkles around the normal wolf :slight_smile:

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