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Holy Trail Javelin Paladin, 300+ Corruption, Nerf Me Baby One More Time™

YouTube Build Guide + Gameplay : Holy Trail Paladin, 300+ Corruption Monolith Speed Farmer, Last Epoch Build Guide - YouTube

Last Epoch Build Planner :
Paladin, Level 100 (LE Beta 0.8.3e) - Last Epoch Build Planner

Finally got around to Holy Trail by itself. Don’t worry, Judgement is next :slight_smile:

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Sometimes I don’t quite understand the lurid headlines.

Why don’t you first play a character on Corruption 800 (like FoE with mages, for example) or at least in the arena on 800 to 1200 and then we’ll talk about further nerfs.

But maybe that’s already standard again on Youtube nowadays, simply so that someone clicks on such a link at all.

Sry, apparently annoys me a little.


Well the first thing off, going to corruption 800 barely does anything for you. Its much better to push through 300 corruption fast than it is to do 800 slow. Its purely economical. Theres no point in going further.
The reason I don’t push builds further in corruption (usually 300+) is because the people needing to watch a guide on a build will probably not play more than 300+ corruption in the first place. FoE, Arborus and them push corruption for fun. I would also be doing if I was not doing other things like making videos etc.

The average arena run rn is going around 300-400 for most people including FoE as well. Most people that are further than that are using questionable methods.

What’s the point in pushing further if 99.9% of people who even try the build won’t even push past 200 corruption? The reason why it’s probably going to get nerfed again as its very easy to scale damage, as the video showcases.


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